During spring break of 2013, we preceded our visit to Disney World with a visit to Kennedy Space Center.

Some the highlights were walking through the Rocket Garden and seeing life size versions of the Mercury Redstone, Mercury Atlas and Gemini Titan rockets all in a vertical position. Then comparing those to the massive Saturn V rocket replica in a horizontal position, Also, life size versions of each of the program’s space capsules are on display; visitors can sit inside each one to get a sense of what limit room the astronauts had to live with.

Since NASA is in between space programs, tours of the huge Vehicle Assembly Building are available for a limited time. It was quite impressive to see how large the building actually is. It is a single story building, the hieght of an average 57 story building.

Also part of the visit was an up close tour of Launch Complex 39A, the site of the final shuttle mission launch (STS-135).

Not to be missed a ride on the Shuttle Launch Experience, a Disney style ride that claims to be a pretty realistic approximation of what it is like to to be launched into space aboard the space shuttle.

Check out this YouTube video I made of the visit: