On Thursday, 16-Jul-2020, I attempted to view Comet NEOWISE (C/2020). Given how low it was on the northeast horizon and how short of an amount of time I would be able to observe the comet before it sank too low into the murky haze, I did not want to set up my full astronomy rig with dedicated astro camera and go-to/tracking telescope.

Instead, I opted to go with my 4″ refractor, an Explore Scientific AR102 on a manual Twilight-1 alt-azm telescope. I attached my iPhone 7s Plus to a Baader Hyperion 21mm eyepiece using the Celestron NeXYZ cellphone mount adapter.

This video contains the still shots of my set up, the skies and finally the multiple exposures (most at 1/7 second and a few at 1/3 second).

Wishing you clear and steady skies!