As part of one of the Lift-Off NC: Apollo + Beyond series, fellow NASA/JPL Solar System Ambassador Doug Lively and I volunteered the Countdown to Launch Event hosted by the Museum of Life and Science in Durham, NC. 

Doug and I teamed up to educate visitors to the event how exoplanets are found, what the is probability of intelligent, communicating, extraterrestrial life in our galaxy (according the Drake Equation) and how the Fermi Paradox comes in to play.


Here is copy of the Excel file I created so people can enter in their own assumptions on various Drake Equation variables:!AmmLfUXonTeai2kUrup2Xe5WERuq?e=tz5Og0


The YouTube video below by Kurzgesagt is an easy to understand and straight forward explanation of “if there should be so many alien civilizations out there, why have we not seen them?

Clear & Steady Skies!