Several Raleigh Astronomy Club members, including myself, supported the International Sun-Day events at the North of Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences.  At the start of the event (12 noon) the weather was not at all cooperative with almost 100% cloud cover. However holes in the clouds began to appear by 2pm and by 3pm we started to get some solar observing in. The sun was somewhat quite today without a lot of activity / sun spots.  However by around 3:30 we were able to start noticing a sun spot near top edge of the sun.

A big thanks to the following RAC members that assisted with the event:

  • Richard O. with an H-alpha scope
  • Jim D. with an H-alpha scope
  • Chris C. with a refractor and white light filter
  • Brian R. – assisted with scopes and visitors
  • Ann M. – assisted with scopes and visitors
  • Me with my refractor with a white light filter and solar funnel

We estimated that despite the less than ideal weather, we were able to share views of sun with approximately 150 visitors.

Clear & Steady Skies!